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Founded by Laura MacLeod, ility collective was created to honor your being and practice self care through holistic rituals. We're looking for content creators who love wellness, value natural products, and prioritizes a balanced lifestyle. 

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We believe in honoring one’s self through holistic rituals and caring for one’s well being with spa-quality products & all natural ingredients. We want to encourage you to advocate for your self-care and allow yourself to be truly present in life. Slowing things down is a chance to enjoy the simplicity of being in the moment and in tune with your body. 

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behind the brand

Created by a holistic esthetician, ility is an all natural product line honoring one's self through holistic rituals and caring for one’s well being. Our background in the spa industry and lifelong passion for wellness practices inspired this heart centered line to bring luxurious practices into every day rituals. 

our approach

Making time for self-care isn’t superficial and it brings real benefits to your life. Our products’ follow the lead by being intentionally formulated with all-natural ingredients and made for your everyday self-care ritual.

our approach

From the inside out, we believe in sourcing the best ingredients and in all-natural approach.